MAIN SETTINGS We’re using Jamulus as our software and have got two guitars to work together. I bought the Behringer audio interface as below because it ha two inputs so Jackie and I can have a blast. But I’ll probably connect a mixer so a to have microphone as well so we can talk to each other if only to decide on what to play. There is a chat system but it involves typing! I also have an ethernet cable on order to speed the connection between computer and router as we found thar WIFI is too slow. The software is free. Hardware if you do not have an audio interface is:- Amazon prices are Behringer UCG102 USB Guitar £20.90. I got my Uphoria interface for £60.50 but the price seems to have gone up since then. My ethernet cable cost £9.95 but they vary depending on length needed. It is not breaking the bank and we can get virtually playing to work to work. You need to download the Asio4all driver. Download it. Install it – then restart your PC. On Jamulus - Select Settings On the Jamulus setup screen – select AsioSetup The Asio screen will pop up and you will see all the audio devices shown. Ensure your soundcard is deselected – top of the tree is off. From pics below You can see mine input device – “FA66” 3 inputs and 3 outputs. I have selected In 1 and out 2. You should see your Behringer – deselect all the others and ensure yours is selected. Move the Buffer size to approx. 250 Ensure the Latency compensation is set to 32 for in and out. (Move the sliders) Back at the Jamulus setting screen :- Ensure that Asio4all v2 is in the Device selection Audio Channels should be set to Mono-in/Stereo out. Close the Asio4all setup screen Close the settings screen. STUART HAS SET UP A SERVER BUT IT IS NOT ON ALL THE TIME. CONTACT HIM WHEN YOU NEED IT.
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